About Us

With so many changes in our industry today it is comforting to know that the important things in life stay constant... people... Leading Edge Group is all about people, our members and our suppliers.

Membership of the Leading Edge Group provides you (independent small businesses) with a broad range of benefits normally associated with larger companies and corporations, all of which have the capacity to significantly improve the day to day operation of your business, whilst you still retain complete control.

Est. 1986. We are a multi-national organisation operating in two major sectors; buying group management and sales channel management across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

We support our retailers and help our suppliers improve their profitability, target their end customers, and leverage earnings across each other and their industry.

Leading Edge Group is about providing real value for our retail and business networks, our people - our clients - our suppliers. We employ over 425 people in four different countries and have a very clear vision and simple mission for the future.

Why Join?

Purchase Power. It’s as simple as that. Instead of buying one - you’re buying hundreds. Suddenly you’re competing with the big boys. You’re not sitting on an island desperately trying to survive. We have flexibility and scale. We’re big enough to make it happen and small enough to do it now!

From product to marketing. From insurance to phones. From printing to freight. We can negotiate on just about every aspect of your business. When we talk to suppliers we talk on behalf of over 200 retailers Australia-wide. That’s powerful.

But it’s more than just money - it’s about connections, friendship, and ideas.

We continually evolve in response to the changing retail world and needs of our members. In a highly competitive market, we help independent retailers stay one step ahead. The best people. Ideas, training and development. Our people drive our business.

No cost to join, everything to gain.
If you have any questions, email or call us on
1300 531 014
Or register your interest as a Supplier.